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The Cloud

Sep 7, 2021 | Blog

What is Cloud Computing?


« Cloud » A name that refers to the fact that the information present in this “cloud” is only accessible via the internet on remote servers.

The cloud is therefore a set of online and remote storage system. The information put on the cloud is on servers (remote computers) and this is to date the big trend in data storage and security.

Data is no longer just stored on your computer’s hard drive, but also in your cloud space. In case of loss or destruction of your computer support, all your data is still accessible via the internet and therefore recoverable easily and quickly.

Cloud computing is used by both professionals and individuals.

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The benefits of the Cloud


Companies of all sizes and industries are converting to the cloudevery day.

But then why this craze for this data storage system?

Firstly because the Cloud is very flexible. Scaling an entire cloud infrastructure is simple and quickly adapts to a company’s needs.

Also because the data stored on a Cloud is accessible at any time,from any medium via an internet connection.

And this is the highest quality of this data storage method: sharing information between colleagues in the same company, it adapts to everyone’s mobility and facilitates remote work …

Its installation and deployment are fast. Particular attention will have to be paid to the security of the many Cloud Computing offers on the market today.


Cloud Models


There are now 3 major cloud computing models on the market:

  • The public cloud
  • The private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

For each of these models, there are specific characteristics whose specificities must be known before making your choice.

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The private (or dedicated) cloud


The private cloud allows for an increased degree of control for the user. By being private it is only accessible by a single entity. It will therefore be able to manage its environment as it sees fit and in the way most suited to its society.

A private cloud policy can include hardware hosted on-premisesin a company-owned facility, or it can be hosted by a cloud service provider.

Among the advantages of the private cloud is: security. Sensitive data is stored on hardware that no one else can access except the user.

Personalization: Private clouds are fully configurable by the organizations that use the solution.

Be careful, however: When the demand for resources is changing, a private cloud may not be able to adapt effectively, costing the organization more in the long run.


The public (or shared) cloud


The public cloud means that your data storage system is hosted on a multitude of servers that are themselves accessible by a specific number of users.

In other words: this does not mean that your data is accessible by the public, but that you share your server with other users, who obviously never have access to your personal space.

The cloud of Microsoft Office or that of Amazon for example, are public clouds.

The more you store, the more you pay. But not only…. Depending on the use you make of your Cloud, the bill can go up because it will be based on your daily use.

The public cloud is not limited by the volume of data. It is fast and inexpensive to set up and then it will adapt to your needs.


Hybrid cloud


Hybrid Cloud is an infrastructure that combines public and private cloud to deliver the best benefits of both data storage modes.

Hybrid Cloud is a cloud environment consisting of on-premises private cloud resources, combined with third-party public cloud resources connected to each other by an orchestration system. The transfer of information from one environment to another allows for greater flexibility by taking the advantages of the 2 storage models.

Flexibility is therefore the primary advantage of hybrid cloud.

By leveraging hybrid cloud,a company will be able to leverage public cloud resources when its needs exceed the resources available on private cloud.


Is the cloud a backup solution?


At a time when the pressure of IT security is increasingly present on companies, choosing the best backup solution for your data is necessary.

The cloud can be a backup solution, as long as you choose your service provider and automate backups as much as possible.

Find all the advice of Barraud Consulting on this subject, on our article.



Which Cloud for your company?


It is impossible to answer this question in a general way.

It all depends on your infrastructure already in place, the way you work and your needs.

Barraud Consulting advises you and finds you the best cloud storage solution for your company.

We draw on 30 years of experience in the field of IT services to find solutions that are always better adapted to our customers.

Need help storing your data in the cloud?

Contact us,our team is at your disposal to answer your questions.