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Clebex space management application

Clebex: space management application

Aug 9, 2021 | Blog

What is space management?

Space managementis the management of the inventory of different physical spaces in an organization.

To properly manage information about the occupancy of the premises,a good development strategy is essential.

Since the Covid-19 crisis and the development of teleworking,some sectors of activity have relocated their offices due to lack of space. Since the generalization of teleworking is not alwayspossible, company offices are always in great demand.

Whether to find a temporary workspace or to reorganize the offices of a company,today there is a revolutionary application to help various organizations in the layout of their spaces. So that this complex task becomes a mere formality.

Discover at Clebex,a smart and simple space management application.

Clebex Swiss application


Space management for better business productivity

It’s no secret that an optimized and organized work environment around the well-being of employees improves their productivity.

Keep enough space between work areas to meet covid-19 standards and preserve the privacy of employees, without harming the exploitation of the companies’ workspace. This is the goal of our Clebex space management application.

The price of real estate in Switzerland is very high, so every square meter that organizations have must be profitable so as not to make the company lose money.

Workspaces evolve, they can be used in several ways to optimize their profitability: dedicated or shared workspace,meeting room … on a small area, an entire floor or an entire building! The operation and layout of these work surfaces are complex.


Evolving workspaces

Workspaces are evolving as technologies are refined.

In order to unlock the potential of a company’s buildings, it is necessary to evaluate the working environment, its use and performance. It is then necessary to find an optimal arrangement of these spaces for the different groups of users.

A workspace that is constantly evolving and meets the needs of the workforce is the future.

The context means that all the reflections on real estate have evolved towards more agility, towards more nomadism.

Agility in space management makes it possible to meet the requirements of the new standards in terms of occupancy of places. That’s why organizations are moving towards creating hybrid workspaces,open to different uses.

workspaces: optimizing


Coworking or shared desktop

Coworking is about sharing a common workspace. Unlike open space in companies, different coworkers do not necessarily work for the same employer.

Initially reserved for self-employed workers looking for a punctual working environment, coworking now extends to companies.

To rationalize the costs of occupying a company’s spaces or even respond to an occasional increase in the number of employees, the Clebex application will allow you to gain flexibility in the management of your company’s workspaces.

Working with a connected and intelligent solution will help you better manage your workspaces.

Faced with increasingly expensive rents in Switzerland, coworking spaces are currently experiencing a high demand.

The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the pros and cons of working from home. Coworking could then become a sustainable alternative to working at home or going to the office every day.


Why a space management application?

The efficient management of your business spaces is the most important element to ensure the satisfaction and retention of your customers and employees. It allows you to reduce costs and therefore be able to maximize profits.

A space management system collects and analyzes office occupancydata, allowing you to have a better understanding of the attendance and use of your premises.

Adapt workspace layouts to real-time needs and reduce costs related to your building.



Discover Clebex: space management application

This application offers the most advanced and secure technical solutions in the field of workspace management.

Hosted by Microsoft Azure, the infrastructure offers a global deployment and complies with all privacy regulations. Microsoft offers the highest levels of trust, transparency, compliance with standards and regulations. The Clebex solution takes full advantage of the Microsoft platform. It provides each end-user customer with independent and separate databases.

Simple, fast and adaptable, the Clebex application brings you the best experience by taking care of the management of all your spaces: workspaces, catering, events

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Clebex offers an optimal user experience: Workspace occupancy analysis includes techniques that make it possible to predict space usage based on multiple variables and to compare occupancy in real time with predicted data.

For seamless connectivity, Clebex offers a platform that simplifies connecting with others. From wireless sensors to wireless electronic displays, our app simplifies connectivity to a level never seen before in this industry.

Through an innovative 5D map,visualize the present and future of the workspace.

The 5D concept offers an intuitive way to access information. Each 3D object, such as a desk or chair, changes color depending on its occupation or condition. The color is the fourth dimension, and the additional information associated with the object completes the fifth dimension.

The 5D Map incorporates a complete library of unique objects. Additional libraries from furniture manufacturers known around the world are also available. Increase reality by adding color and texture, and dive into this new dimension, the 5th dimension.

Clebex Swiss Geneva


Become a Clebex Swiss partner

Clebex Swiss is based in Geneva,the city that hosts the most international organizations in the world.

Olivier Barraud, creator ofClebex Swiss,wants to make this new occupancy management application available to companies in his country in order to allow easier, faster and more pleasant workspace management.

Based in Geneva for more than 30 years, the CEO of Barraud Consulting puts all his know-how and it skillsat the service of his clients.

Olivier Barraud Clebex Swiss

Thanks to Clebex Swiss,Olivier Barraud is evolving the management of your workspacesto simplify it by taking advantage of artificial intelligence.
Implement HR processes with ease, allow easy access to occupancy data for facility managers and offer users an easy-to-use solution from their mobile, to manage the space according to business rules.

We develop several types of partnerships with structures in Switzerland,become a Clebex Swiss reseller and participate in the development of this space management application.

The partner will actively participate in the development and marketing of the Clebex Swiss application in its territory. To know all the advantages of becoming a reseller, do not hesitate and contact us.

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