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Clebex Swiss: optimize the management of your workspaces

Space managementis the management ofthe inventory of physical spaces in a company. It allows a precise monitoring of the number of spaces it has, a management of information relating to the occupation of the premises and the development of strategies for the development of the spaces.

For coworking spaces, office buildings, meeting rooms or business centers,discover our solution connected to your needs, so that the management of your workspaces remains flexible and pleasant.

Simplify your life with Clebex Swiss

A workspace that is constantly evolving and meets the needs of the workforce is the future. Clebex Swiss is the present. A single application, a single access with multiple solutions without additions and very easy to use.

This application offers the most advanced and secure technical solutions in the field of workspace management.

Hosted by Microsoft Azure,the infrastructure offers a global deployment and complies with all privacy regulations. Microsoft offers the highest levels of trust, transparency, compliance with standards and regulations. The Clebex Swiss solution takes full advantage of the Microsoft platform and offers each end-user customer independent and separate databases.

Simple, fast and adaptable, theClebex application brings you the best experience by taking care of the management of all your spaces: workspaces, catering, events …

Clebex moves to Switzerland


Clebex Swiss settles in Geneva, the 2nd most populous city in Switzerland, in the Rive district.

Geneva is the city that hosts the most international organizations in the world.

Geneva and New York are the two most important centres of international cooperation in the world, with Geneva being the largest in terms of the number of institutions, meetings and congresses.

Located at the crossroads of Europe, Geneva has various assets that promote its economic attractiveness and raise this city to the highest rank of global competitiveness.

Olivier Barraud, creator of Clebex Swiss,wants to make this new occupancy management application available to companies in his country in order to allow easier, faster and more pleasant workspace management.

Based in Geneva for more than 30 years, the CEO of Barraud Consulting puts all his know-how and it skills at the service of his clients. This field is constantly evolving, Barraud Consulting provides IT solutions adapted to the needs of companies to allow them to remain at the forefront of technology.

Thanks to Clebex Swiss,Olivier Barraud is evolving the management of your workspaces to simplify it by taking advantage of artificial intelligence.
Implement HR processes with ease, give occupancy data to facility managers and offer users an easy-to-use solution from their mobile, to manage the space according to business rules.

Les solutions Clebex Swiss

The 5D Map: A new dimension in the way you see and manage the workspace

Visualize the present and future of the workspace through an innovative 5D map,facilitates the work of those who create, manage and adapt the different spaces on a daily basis, without wasting time and without the need for experts.

Each 3D object, such as a desk or chair, changes color depending on its occupation or condition. The color is the fourth dimension, and the additional information associated with the object completes the fifth dimension.

Booking: Managing time and place of work has never been easier

The quality of time management is a necessity for an efficient workforce. Book what you need for a given period and in a specific space is now easy, safe and conflict-free.

Clebex application

Visualization: Visualize the occupancy of the workspace today, allows you to manage tomorrow.

Managing space occupancy is easy from a very user-friendly and intuitive dashboard, available even from a mobile device. Regardless of how the data is presented (date, level, resource, time interval, etc.), it is possible to track the information in real time or analyze the statistics.

Visitor Management: Ensures a top-notch customer experience, exceptional meeting hospitality and dynamic reception.

Whatever the size of the company and the number of reception offices, managing the continuous flow of people also means communicating clearly with all the people concerned.

Simplify things with this intuitive visitor management interface and gain efficiency. Artificial intelligence allows the management of visitors whether they are occasional or regular. More than a visitor management solution, it is a global presence manager.

Documents: Creating, editing, and managing custom web documentation is easy

Access all Clebex documentation from the app. Each user can access the appropriate manual in the language of their choice directly from the application menu.

Manuals are organized into sections, from user to administrator or even technical documents. Decide who in your organization accesses each type of documentation.

Events: Creating, editing, and managing a custom workspace is simple

The workspace is constantly evolving according to the needs of the company and the worker. It is essential that the workspace becomes adaptable, and modular. For this, Clebex Swiss offers a unique and innovative solution, capable of creating a workspace / event in a fast, simple and efficient way.

An event includes people, resources and different spaces. Ensuring so many elements from a single platform at the same time is no longer a challenge. Simply create, modify, and manage an unlimited number of events as needed.


Distance: A safe workspace leads to a confident staff

The user has real-time access to the spaces that are used, those that are available and those that are waiting for action. For example: if they have not yet been cleaned.

After selecting an available resource, the system automatically locks its environment to ensure user safety

Plan: Managing time and workspace has never been easier

Based on the user’s wishes and the usual occupancy data of the selected level or resource, Clebex Plan guarantees a space and agenda adapted to the user’s needs and constantly evolving. The workspace becomes safe, simple, fast, and easy to manage and audit.

The system automatically guarantees the safest options according to the user’s needs, always respecting the rules and capacity limits per building or floor, previously defined by HR.

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Clebex Case Studies

Discover the companies that trust Clebex to manage their workspaces.

The challenges to be met and the solutions proposed by the Clebex application for multinationals, financial institutions or large European groups.

Clebex Case Study

Clebex Swiss grows: become a partner in our project

We develop several types of partnerships with structures in Switzerland, become a Clebex Swiss reseller and participate in the development of this space management application.

The partner will actively participate in the development and marketing of the Clebex Swiss application in its territory. To know all the advantages of becoming a reseller, do not hesitate andcontact us.

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