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Our priority

A priority: IT security

Computer security protects information technology such as systems, networks and computer data from attacks,damage or unauthorized access.

Simply put, your IT infrastructure is sensitive, it contains confidential data that you want to keep within your company.

Managing your company’s and your customers’ confidential data is a point to be overlooked: an unprotected system is an easy target. There are many examples of computer security vulnerabilities and the consequences that are increasingly disastrous.

Give us the security of your computer network to protect it from external threats.

Let us show you how we can make your data and infrastructure trustworthy.

Why have computer protection?

Cyber attacks have increased sharply in recent years, particularly in recent months. Intrusion attempts recorded by Swiss companies and other organizations jumped by 61% compared to 2021.

Attempted theft of confidential data, ransom demands, paralysis of computer systems… Faced with an upsurge in the activity of Hackers, you can put your Computer system in security by entrusting a professional with the task of taking the most effective measures to combat hackers of computer systems.

Although they have become almost commonplace today, cyberattacks can be disastrous:

  • Business closures
  • Loss of revenue
  • Bad image…

Switzerland has seen a sharp increase in IT security investments since the Covid-19 crisis. Business leaders realize that protecting their IT system is essential.

Preventive actions in COMPUTER security

The first steps to be taken to ensure your company’s IT security are called preventative actions. To reduce the number of vulnerabilities they limit attempts to intrusion into your professional computer system. They consist of the implementation of protection tools following an audit, an update of the computer system as well as regular backups.

Having a good antivirus to protect your computer system is a must.

Barraud Consulting works with Sophos products as visionary.

By 2025, 30% of new firewall deployments distributed in businesses will be switched to firewalls as a service, up from less than 5% in 2020.

Firewalls are evolving to secure new uses including cloud and remote work. Gartner offers network firewalls that offer both output and input controls to secure computer networks. They can also offer additional services such as application control, intrusion and malware detection, and reporting.

Secure your IT infrastructure

Regardless of your industry, the risk to your IT system can have serious financial and trust in your customers.

Losing confidential data, or worse, seeing it accessible by your competitors, could have a very negative impact on your business.

The solutions to secure your IT system have the role of protecting your IT infrastructure at different levels. The solutions to be used depend on the needs and requirements of the companies. Advanced levels of protection are recommended.

Barraud Consulting puts the security of your IT system at the center of its expertise in order to better protect your customers and your business.

Barraud Consulting, your IT security expert

Barraud Consulting Sàrl, our consulting agency in IT services, relies on 30 years of experience and puts all its know-how and skills in IT at the service of its customers.

Trust us to manage your IT security.