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Oct 8, 2021 | Blog

Omnipresence of IT in our daily lives


Computer science is now called IT according to its English acronym (contraction of Information Technology or information technologies). IT is very widely present in our daily professional lives.

IT includes a wide set of techniques and tools for the creation, use, modification, transmission and storage of information of different types (video, text, audio, image, etc.).

This term therefore refers to theuse of computers,storage, networks and devices, infrastructures and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all kinds of electronic data.

It is currently an integral part of our daily lives. Its various applications, in addition to the development of the Internet,make it an indispensable tool in our private and professional lives.

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Les services IT


The information systems department,orITdepartment, is the department in charge of a company’s computer park. The people working there are the role of configuring the server, ensuring the security of the network and data, maintaining computer workstations and installing software and updates.

Internally or supported by an external service provider, IT is crucial to all companies today.


IT-related professions


Constantly evolving, the IT sector offers a multitude of opportunities and career progression. Innovations such asartificial intelligence and machine learning are opening up new opportunities that are constantly creating new jobs and career paths.

Among the most well-known professions in IT,we find:

  • The computer scientist
  • The Network Administrator
  • The CRM Project Manager
  • The development engineer
  • The software architect
  • The security expert etc.

The tertiarization of trades contributes to the growth of employment in it professions. The sector is expected to remain dynamic, regardless of economic conditions.

Indeed, the number of IT professionals is expected to increase significantly due to the ever-increasing needs of recruiters in expertise functions such as business intelligence, collaborative communication and systems virtualization. The same is true for digital technologies, which could be led to develop in the health and education sectors.

IT professions


IT in Switzerland


One in two companies will increase its IT budget in 2021. This is one of the preliminary results of Capgemini’s annual survey of 144 IT decision-makers in Switzerland, Germany and Austria this fall. Most companies that don’t increase their budget will keep it at the 2020 level. Only 15% of organizations will reduce the financial resources available to IT.



If digital transformation was already at the top of the priorities a year ago, the Covid-19 pandemic has further increased the attractiveness of companies towards IT solutions. With the lockdown, organizations have shifted their internal and business operations to online channels.

Management has become aware of theimportance of IT for their business but also of the shortcomings preventing certain processes from being conducted in a completely dematerialized way.



Why is good IT management essential?


IT is the foundation of most of a company’s business. It is almost impossible to separate technology and the day-to-day activities of a company.

A structure becomes vulnerable when systems are underperforming or failing.

IT systems management practices ensure their security, availability and performance.

The IT of French-speaking companies is dominated in 2021 by the issues of digitization of processes and security.