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Our IT support centre

A Helpdesk IT service: what is it?

The helpdesk service is also called the Desk service or service centre,IT support or support centre.

The role of Barraud Consulting’s Desk service is to respond to all your requests for assistance.

Helpdesk at Barraud Consulting

Do you use IT products or services and want to be able to contact a technician in case of a breakdown or problem?

At Barraud Consulting we offer a state-of-the-art IT support service. Through the TeamViewer app, we take control of your computers anytime, from anywhere, to provide you with assistance or troubleshooting.

Simple and fast, our IT consulting agency in Geneva answers your questions in real time and brings you a personalized solution regardless of the IT outage.

Our Customer Relationship

At Barraud Consulting,we put our client at the center of our attention, so that you are never slowed down by an IT problem within your company.

We manage all your IT services and run your business smoothly.

The Helpdesk service is not just a computer scientist’s job, it is also a job of support and relationship with its customer. That’s why our team will offer you a rigorous, fast service that meets your company’s expectations.

Our brands and partners

At Barraud Consulting we areresellers of computer equipment. We work with Apple and DELL and many others, but we can provide all brands and types of products based on the needs of your infrastructure.

We are also an official partner for French-speaking Switzerland withDOS Group SA, which also provides us with all their support and know-how.

DOS Group SA is an IT company based in Mendrisio. With more than 19 years of experience they offerIT business solutions, such as infrastructure management and comprehensiveIT services.

In addition, we benefit from an official and live partnership with VTX, which with its telecom,hosting and cloud services allows us to accompany you every step of the way with the best deals on the market.

We are also a Sunrise partner, ask us for the analysis of your phone subscriptions to offer you a complete study of the possibilities available to you to reduce your phone costs.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the Helpdesk or your computer equipment.

Our Helpdesk technicians are here to answer all your questions.