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Sunrise: the most reliable operator in Switzerland

Nov 4, 2021 | Blog

Telephony with Sunrise


Sunrise is the leading non-state-controlled telecommunications company in Switzerland.

It offers telephony services to individuals and professionals, as well as internet and television access.

It is positioned as the main challenger by focusing on quality and it has proven itself. Its market shares have been evolving for several years, this can be explained in particular by various factors:

  • An excellent infrastructure of the mobile and fixed network.
  • A multi-brand approach
  • First-class service for business
  • Regular promotional offers
  • Special attention to its customers


Sunrise therefore aims for impeccable quality that is perfectly adapted to market expectations.

She has won numerous awards and ad in recent years:

  • Winner of the connect hotline test 2020
  • The winner of the 2020 Connected Customer Barometer test
  • Winner of the PC Magazin customer barometer for the 2020 network
  • Winner of connect’s 2018 mobile network test(the only operator to have obtained the mention “exceptional”)
  • Winner of the connect hotline test 2015
  • connect: 5G Innovation Award


Sunrise business operator



Merger between Sunrise and UPC


As of November 11, 2020, UPC and Sunrise are no longer competitors. And since May 1, 2021, they operate under the name Sunrise UPC Sàrl,as a subsidiary of the parent company Liberty Global.

Sunrise UPC offers a unique combination of the leading gigabit fibre-optic cable network in Switzerland and one of the best mobile networks in the world. This fixed-mobile convergence has enabled Sunrise UPC to establish itself as the strongest challenger and to stimulate competition and innovation in the Swiss market.

Sunrise UPC focuses on the high quality of its services as well as on the quality of the service, which remains the top priority.

Sunrise UPC will develop its product range with a view to creating a flagship brand. It will be a few more months, if not quarters, before Sunrise UPC and all its products appear everywhere under a single brand.

Customers will continue to have access to all of our products and services. All existing subscriptions and contracts remain valid.


Sunrise-UPC, excellence for professionals


Sunrise-UPC wants to stand out from the competition by adapting its packages to the needs of professionals.

With world-class mobile performance for businesses, Sunrise-UPC puts in place all the conditions to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Premium subscriptions,multi-media, ultra-fast speed and priority connection

Even in the event of an overloaded network, the telecommunications company provides its business customers with suitable solutions.

In Switzerland, Europe or around the world, the movement of employees is no longer a problem with packages that adapt to mobile,mobile and flexible work.


Sunrise-UPC, the most reliable operator?


In any case, this is what the analysis made by RootMetrics reveals: “Unbeatable mobile network reliability”.

Customer satisfaction barometers name Sunrise as the best mobile and internet operator in Switzerland.

“Sunrise offers the most reliable services. This result has been achieved through our investments in our networks and services. As the main challenger, we focus our efforts on the highest quality services. This is a decisive criterion for individuals and especially for commercial customers,” says André Krause, CEO of Sunrise.

The high quality and availability of Sunrise-UPC services are regularly awarded by customers and various specialist magazines. Customers evaluate the quality and reliability of the Sunrise mobile network with the highest ever satisfaction rates.



Sunrise-UPC’s commitments


Sunrise-UPC is committed to different values:


Business Ethics:


Sunrise-UPC is committed to conducting its business ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws.

This means that they have zero tolerance for corruption, commit to conducting their activities in a competitive way and encourage effective competition.


The environment:


The areas on which Sunrise-UPC focuses as part of its environmental and climate strategy renewable energy,energy efficiency, green product portfolio, recycling as well as CO2 emissions and waste reduction. Sunrise aims to continuously improve its environmental and climate impact through a systematic risk management approach including the definition of objectives and action programmes as well as the measurement of the impact of these actions.


Sunrise-UPC has set itself climate targets for the end of 2022 and thus wishes to assume its own responsibility for climate protection.

With its mobile network, Sunrise is developing and operating a modern and efficient infrastructure that aims to put the digitalisation of Switzerland at the service of greater social and economic prosperity. As a responsible company, it is also interested in and supports research on the impact of the mobile network on the environment.


The work of its collaborators:


As a modern company, Sunrise-UPC is committed to offering progressive working conditions. Many principles of social and labour law are already enshrined in law in Switzerland.

Sunrise-UPC actively cooperates with the Swiss trade union syndicom and participates in a respectful and sincere dialogue in favour of balanced solutions.

Flexible working arrangements help improve the health and well-being of employees and promote a better work-life balance while reducing stress and increasing productivity. Flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home are just two examples of the measures implemented by Sunrise-UPC in this area.

Sunrise business operator



Barraud Consulting is a Sunrise partner


Our job is to accompany you during your choice of telephone operator,and to advise you so that you find the offer that suits you best. We analyse your telephone consumption and provide you with the best choice for your fixed or mobile subscriptions: through our partnership with Sunrise-UPC.

Barraud Consulting explains the services offered with subscriptions and helps you in setting up your professional phone lines. We take care of the after-sales service and bring you fast and efficient solutions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about professional mobile telephony.