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Recovering lost data

May 25, 2021 | Blog

Loss of computer data


A loss of computer data can quickly turn into a nightmare in your business.

Sensitive or confidential data, some are irreplaceable and it is not pleasant to have to start a job done or to go in search of essential data that would have been deleted.

Loss of data,in addition to wasting time, can actually be a hindrance to your daily work and its repercussions are heavy.

Sometimes there are solutions to try to recover this data: this process is called “data recovery.”



The causes of data loss


Human error:

The most common cause in data loss: human error. We are not infallible and therefore not immune tomishandling that would jeopardize our company’s data.

Through accidental file deletion, a backup crash or involuntaryformatting,we can find ourselves facing a critical situation and the loss of important data. Moreover, in companies where staff have access to this data, the risk is even greater because the number of people who can make a mistake is even greater.

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Computer hacking:

Companies now face a major challenge to its computer data: the risks of hacking.

Although the market currently offers many techniques to counter viruses or malware,no company is immune to the risk of data loss, including confidential data.

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An accident:

By accident we group material accidents such as equipment falls, fires or floods, as well as accidents of computer failures: crashes, breakdowns etc.

The process of retrieving data then becomes complicated or impossible for an in-house company. It will be necessary to call on a specialized company, for example for the opening of the hard drive of a computer.

loss of accident computer data


The aging of computer hardware:

For this last point, only an anticipation in updating its computer hardware can counter a potential data loss.

Veteran, obsolescence or lack of updates can result in data loss. And when you want to evolve your computer hardware and you have to go through steps of transferring business data, again, technical problems or human errors can arise.

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Save your computer data


The importance of choosing the right method of backing up your company’s data is no longer to be proven. There are many options available to you:

  • Local backups
  • Remote backups
  • Mixed backups (local and remote backups)

In a world where everything is dematerialized, losing data can be catastrophic for a company.

Trust Barraud Consulting to secure your business data, control the cost of backups and manage their setting.


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How do I recover lost data?


At Barraud Consulting,the security of your IT infrastructure and the safeguarding of your personal data are our priority.

That’s why we surround ourselves with the best partners to give you advice and help.

Barraud Consulting has been a partner of SOS DATA RECOVERY for 10 years.

Founded in 2001, the company is based in Neuchâtel and works with more than 700 stores throughout Switzerland.

SOS Data Recovery specializesin computer data recovery. Many major brands have already trusted them: check out the list.

At SOS Data Recovery, there are 2 categories of problems and 2 different approaches to recovering your data:


Software recovery:

You’ve done the following manipulations:

  • Formatted or erased your data
  • Reinstalled your operating system
  • Your score is no longer visible
  • Your operating system no longer starts
  • Your data is no longer accessible


– > The problem is definitely software.

SOS Data Recovery copies your support to a temporary hard drive. They analyze this security copy to extract your data and pass it on to you on a new medium.


Physical recovery:

Your support has undergone:

  • A shock or a fall
  • A fire or flood
  • Lightning or surge

Or your support:

  • No longer recognized in the BIOS
  • Makes strange noises (clack-clack)
  • Don’t “start” anymore


– > The problem is certainly physical.

If necessary, SOS Data Recovery opens your media in the clean room. They repair it and copy it onto a temporary hard drive. They analyze this security copy to extract your data and pass it on to you on a new medium.


SOS Data recovery


Have you lost computer data or want to do everything you can to avoid ever being confronted with such a situation? Contact us,we will be happy to answer your questions.