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Swiss host Infomaniak


Jul 13, 2021 | Blog

Website host in Geneva


Who is Infomaniak?


Simple store in 1994, then host of websites from 2000, Infomaniak is today called “the little Swiss Google”.

Boris Siegenthaler, its co-founder and strategic director, injects impressive energy into it. A true Swiss alternative to the American giants, Boris Siegenthaler recently declared:

“Our growth is expected to be 23% this year, with a turnover of 26 million francs. We are targeting $50 million in 2023 to reinvest this growth and maintain the pace of our developments. We still have so much to develop! »

The Geneva-based company specializing in IT services is booming. It owes this in part to the Covid-19 pandemic, which is accelerating demand.

Known for its web hosting,it is important to note thatInfomaniak is also specialized in the broadcasting of streaming audio and video content, video on demand and offers a secure email service. Various backup and storage solutions are also available.

Infomaniak has more than 200,000 clients: professionals and individuals, 40% of whom are external to Switzerland.

infomaniak web host


Infomaniak: a local company above all


“Choosing Infomaniakmeans opting for a local company, strongly committed to a sustainable economy and listening to its customers”

Here is the currency that this host puts forward on its site.

70% of their employees are highly qualified engineers and they systematically favor internal development and open source solutions to design their products. This particularity allows them to constantly evolve their services while ensuring the best guarantees of security and confidentiality to their customers.

Reference host,everything is done to ensure that the work of employees remains a passion and is respectful of its employees.

Their data centers are exclusively located in Switzerland,with offices in Geneva in les Acacias or winterthur in the canton of Zurich.

infomaniak in Switzerland


Host that is already part of a sustainable and transparent economy


“Choosing infomaniak means being committed to the economy of tomorrow.
Sustainable, social and local have been the values of infomaniak for 25 years. »

Boris Siegenthaler | Cso


Ecology has been the heart of their priorities since 2007. The goal is to have as little impact as possible on the planet.

Now a champion of energy savings, Infomaniak plans to recover heat from servers to heat an entire neighborhood. An initiative that is too rare in the it field,that it is therefore essential to highlight it.

Use of ambient air to cool the servers, no air conditioning… This star in theenergy economy in the computer world wants to go further.

Its next data center will be equipped with a heat pump, so that the superlative degrees induced by the large number of computers are recovered to heat a district of about twenty buildings via the Genevan remote heating network. The project will be done in partnership with the GIS, in La Chapelle-Les-Sciers and should be completed by the end of 2023.

Infomaniak highlights 20 ecological commitments. These include:

  • Make every effort to reduce and optimize your energy consumption
  • Use electrical energy exclusively from renewable sources
  • Actively encourage the soft mobility of its employees
  • Donate a percentage of its new cases to conservation associations
  • Opt for the purchase of materials without volatile organic compounds, as well as biodegradable
  • Recycle all consumables, whether electrical, electronic, as well as paper, toner, iron, aluminum, PET, glass, plastics, etc.

You can find all their ecological commitments on their website.

Infomaniak eco-responsible hoster


Infomaniak and the security of its sites


To secure its websites and hosting, Infomaniak offers an SSL certificate (to guarantee the security of your visitors) and gives access to quality DDoS protection.

In the event of an attack, the DDoS mitigation solution (which is a denial-of-service attack) will be able to absorb attacks of more than 4.5 TB/s. Which is simply colossal. Suffice to say that at this level, you have absolutely no worries.

Concerning the files of its customers, their databases, or their FTP accounts, Infomaniak performs daily backups on remote servers,regardless of the hosting you choose.

With access to the administrator account protected by a possible double authentication, nothing is to be blamed on this Swiss host in terms of computer security.

web hosting security


Responsive customer support


Thecustomer support of a web hosting service is the final touch that one needs before making the choice to entrust it with its website.

And on this point again, Infomaniak does not disappoint.

You will be able to contact Infomaniak customer support both by phone, via a chat bot or by e-mail.

Infomaniak has a live chat option for a quick and brief resolution of questions and an ideal knowledge base for self-learning or to find the solution to a given problem yourself.

Telephone support is available during the day and on weekdays: Monday to Friday from 6am to 5.50pm.

Email support is also available: Monday to Sunday between 06:00 and 21:00, in order to obtain quick and detailed answers from Infomaniak’s professional customer support. The response time is usually of the order of a few minutes.


Why does Barraud Consulting trust Infomaniak?


Several parameters make this host a reference in terms ofweb hosting.

The longevity of a company on the Internet testifies to its know-how and customer relationship. Few negative comments are present on online review comparators.

Solid tools have been put in place to help users develop their sites and many major brands trust it: Badoit, DHL, TNT, Evian…

No major outages to declare in more than 20 years: something rare in the web hosting sector where many players have broken their teeth by wanting to save money.

Infomaniak’s reputation is well established. It stands out particularly as a precursor of ecologically responsible accommodation.

Barraud Consulting has therefore naturally chosen Infomaniak as a partner for services related to the hosting of its customers. A local host based in Switzerland, respectful of the planet and its employees and having a high level of security.