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3 billion passwords in the wild

Feb 13, 2021 | Blog

The COMB database

COMB is the name of this famous database including the identifiers and passwords that have been stolen for years in the computer systems of several companies.

Composed of 3.2 billion combinations of emails and their passwords,this database was recently put online by hackers. It includes data from security vulnerabilities at big names such as Google (Gmail), Microsoft (Hotmail and LinkedIn) and Netflix.


Are you exposed to hacking?

Following most of the discoveries of these leaks, companies had issued warnings, asking their users to change their passwords.

If you want to be sure, you can also visit the CyberNews website, it will allow you to see if your credentials are listed on this database.


Putting safety first

As already discussed in our previous blog posts, the security of your IT infrastructure,is more than ever the priority.

Use 2-factor identification, strong passwords or be suspicious of links in emails… Here is a summary of our article

  • Install an antivirus:Try the free trial version offered by the various antivirus software, test, compare and take the time to read other users’ reviews.
  • Phishing:Incentive to click on links in order to fall into the trap of phishing, there are simple and effective methods to follow to avoid this common scam.
  • Updates: Security vulnerabilities often come from undated updates.
  • Secure your router: it allows communication between the local network (computer or connected object) and the Internet
  • Sort on your computer and delete apps you no longer use.
  • Watch out for your smart devices: These are multiple possible entry points for malware


Compromised data, what to do?

A compromised password,combined with a valid email address, must absolutely and immediately be changed on all the services on which it may have been used during your various internet browsings.

If only your email address has been compromised, you may be a victim of some malicious operations by hackers. Among them are phishing, spam oridentity theft.


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