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Phishing and computer security


Dec 16, 2020 | Blog

Phishing and Prevention

A Phishing attack,also called phishing,is an email that encourages people to give out personal information.

It uses the image of any trust structure for malicious purposes,these attacks are unpredictable.

Here are the basic rules to follow when dealing with this kind of email:

  • The sender’s email address is strange… Be careful!
  • The address of the website has nothing to do with the sender… again be careful!
  • Forms ask for personal information such as your login credentials or passwords… This is not normal.


Phishing and vigilance

In any case, the best protection is vigilance, barraud Consulting advises you:

  • Delete any message that you think is strange.
  • Never open attachments in emails that don’t inspire confidence.
  • Don’t click on links
  • Never respond to intimidating or threatening emails.

You can protect yourself from this kind of email by installing anti-virus protections and anti-spam software on your computer.

Our team at Barraud Consulting is at your disposal to advise you and protect your computer system from Phishing.