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Combox Pro Fax service shutdown by Swisscom

Apr 17, 2024 | Blog

Combox Pro Fax service discontinued by Swisscom: We have the alternative available at Sunrise and VTX

We would like to inform you of an important update regarding communication services within Swisscom. The announcement of the termination of its Fax Combox Pro service.

This decision will take effect on September 20, 2024. We understand that this can impact your day-to-day operations, so we’ve explored reliable alternatives to ensure a smooth transition.

Alternatives from Sunrise and VTX

After a thorough evaluation of the options available on the market, we identified two alternatives proposed by Sunrise and VTX respectively. These services have been selected taking into account their reliability, compatibility with our existing infrastructure, and ease of integration.

Sunrise fax service:

Sunrise offers a fax service adapted to the needs of modern businesses, allowing the sending and receiving of faxes by email or via a secure online platform. This solution will not only advantageously replace the current service, but will also offer greater flexibility and accessibility.

VTX Fax Solution:

VTX offers a similar service, incorporating advanced features that facilitate the management of faxed documents in a secure digital environment. The service guarantees continuity in receiving and sending faxes without requiring specific equipment, making it an economically attractive option.

These 2 solutions are easy to set up and you can keep your current fax number without problems with number portability by switching from one provider to another.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us.